The Burning Of The Library Of Alexandria

The burning of the library of Alexandria is one of the greatest tragedies in history. Let me put it this way in all likelihood if the library hadn’t been burned then we would probably be using warp drives or by the very least colonizing mars. However not matter how horrible the burning was there is no point to what ifs. But scholars and historians scratch their heads to this very day on how the library was burned. Any one of the following theories could be true. But also it could be all a joint action.

Before we go into theories of its demise lets look at little bit at the library itself. The city was founded by Alexander The Great who founded several cities called Alexandria. However the library itself was founded by his successor in Egypt. Ptolomy II Soter. The library was actually only a part of a museum. But not like the museums we know today the museum was meant to be a temple to the 9 muses. The other parts of the temple included a zoo shrines to each of the muses as well as several gardens and lecture areas. Though of course the most important part was the library itself.

The first suspect is Julius Caesar. Julius had been chasing Pompey. He had chased Pompey all the way into Egypt and Egypt took this is a military action and responded. Julius was quickly cut off from escape and outnumbered. In order to escape he needed to create a distraction and what better distraction then a really big fire? He lit several of his ships on fire and sent them into the Harbor of Alexandria. The fire could have easily spread to the Library.

There Library had so many books that it couldn’t hold all of it and there was another temple that held roughly 10% of the books called the temple of Serapis. However a Patriarch of the city of Alexandria Theophilius was a devout christian and had the temple converted and the majority of books burned. Also the final librarians of the great Library were killed in riots between Jews and Christians.

Caliph Omar is the last man to be blamed for destroying the great library. Caliph was a Moslem. The Moslems had conquered the city and the general had heard of the library which supposedly held all the information in the world. He asked his adviser Caliph who suggested that they burn the books to heat up the bath house. Since they would either agree with the Koran and there for be unnecessary or disagree in which case it would be heresy. It is said it took 6 months to burn all the books.

Royalty Free Music From Music Libraries – A Great Way to Cut Down Cost

A music library is a reservoir of music albums just as a book library is a store of different books. The only place to avail music of various genres from exclusive collections by both well-known and unknown composers is a music library. The music lovers can come across many music libraries in the online world, if they surf the Internet. Some of them provide royalty free music to the customers. It is really a good offer to the persons associated with the entertainment industry.

Having access to the royalty free from this libraries will turn out to be beneficial for you. You can save a great deal by paying nothing for repetitive use of the same track. If you have to make royalty payment for a score every time you are using it, then the cost will roll to an astounding amount. So, having access to royalty free music from any of the these libraries will come cheaper on one’s wallet as compared to shelling out continuous payment.

The royalty free music helps an individual who earns his bread and butter in the entertainment industry in two ways. If your project is broadcast repeatedly, you do not have to bear any extra cost. Moreover, you can use the same music purchased from the libraries in more than one project in accordance with your requirements. The online collection of musical pieces or musical albums goes on swelling with the incessant addition of music files to these libraries. The composers, film directors as well as film producers earn great benefit from the use of royalty free music on offer by the music libraries.

Musicians often seek samples prior to composing a tune. In the world full of mix and match, visiting these libraries has become a necessity for them. Even the composers, who try hard to come up with original compositions, explore the libraries in quest of impressive stocks of music. Those who are willing to have their albums recorded also drop a visit to the music libraries. It saves them cost by a significant margin that would have been spent on hiring a choir or orchestra party. There is no need to fritter away time or money for rehearsal or recording or using a studio. Everything is managed within a very short time and a tight budget. The companies that provide music licensing for movies and act as a safeguard for the budding musicians also have a good rapport with the music libraries. The original compositions of the talented artists occupy a pride of place in these libraries.

Those who make documentaries can be greatly benefited from the royalty free music on offer at some of the music libraries. Documentaries are made on shoestring budget and so it will be of great help if the music directors of documentaries can avail the royalty free music facilities from the libraries. With so many music libraries popping up on the net, the composers do not need to put in extra effort to come up with a perfect score at minimal cost.

Let’s Go to the Library

For those of us who love to read, who seek information, want a little time to sit reading a newspaper in the quiet, the Public Library system is where you want to go. Multnomah County Library is three blocks from where I live and you will find me there most days.

As a freelance writer, I find the library an invaluable resource center. Everything in the known world lives somewhere in a library. While I comb the pages of an encyclopedia, toddlers begin to arrive for story hour, herded into the Children’s Library by parents who know the value of learning and education.

Children are exposed to their peers, other adults beside parents and their first drills in manners and behavior. I took my children from the age of two-years. They were enthralled with the whole idea of excitement and movement. If your child is not quiet by nature, you might want to check the age limits that story hours accepts.

It is amazing what a library can bring you. Of course, the first is books, millions of books that they trust you to borrow. There is no fee for a library card, either juvenile or adult. You simply fill out a card at the checkout desk and the librarian will be glad to show how the system works. Libraries are very lenient about how many books you can check out at once, but it is always best to ask first. Remember, the books will still be there later, so be a polite library patron and do not take scores of books you may not have time to read.

The popular library is the section where casual reading is housed. You can find Koontz, Hawthorne and Dickinson within steps in any direction. Books are catalogued by writer for the most part. So it is easy to just go by the alphabetization of the shelves to find a writer you want to read.

My favorite section is the Large Print offerings. I see well, but read so much that these larger prints are so much easier on my eyes. There is the mystery section, another favorite, where you can find authors also by alphabetization. Try a new writer once in a while, to see what you might like that you hadn’t thought of before.

Most libraries now have movies to borrow. The trick to that is to use a machine and look up Feature Films. Every movie imaginable is listed there. . . most of the DVD’s now. But some VHS still linger in corners. These are the top movies out. They are not all documentaries or heavy subjects. I have borrowed “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “As Good as it Gets, every Johnny Depp film ever made, and many others. And these are FREE. You check them out on your library card as you would books.

There are also books in the library that stay in the library. These are research books from which you can find an amazing assortment of information. For instance, if you are a writer, you can borrow books that tell you places where you might send your work; both poetry and other writing.

Need to fix your Chevy? They have mechanics books. Love antiques? Check out the books on pricing produced by experts such as the Kovells. Want to learn to cook – the library has a plethora of cookbooks, ranging from gourmet to special diets. Every diet book on the market can be found in the library, so you could peruse several to see if they offer anything you might find helpful. Feng Shui? It’s at the library. Ancient Mayan basket weaving. . . you got it, the library.

You can ask questions that librarians will research for you. You can get help on a myriad of subjects – and all for free. The local library can be your best friend and your knowledge base.